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A fun approach to a workplace campaign


Hamilton Family Health Team has taken a unique, and rather fun approach onto their workplace campaign this year. This year, they are hosting a Survivor-like set of challenges.  Named Survivor 10 George, staff has formed three tribes and are competing in weekly challenges. 

Last week they held a stair climbing challenge and climbed a total of 9,260 stairs – taking them up and the CN Tower five and a half times and then back down! This was completed by nine people in just 30 minutes.  Urslin Fevrier-Thomas completed one set (up and down four stories) in just 26 seconds. 

This week the tribes must construct a free-standing structure with a package of pre-determined materials.  They have 25 minutes to build their structure and must stay standing independently for at least 5 minutes.  The winning tribe will be determined by the height in centimeters times the length of time it stands (up to five minutes). 

Way to go HFHT! Having fun, raising awareness and money all at the same time!