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It’s Been a Long Time Coming…


Living in the Hamilton / Burlington community I can sense a change coming – a quiet stirring of positive momentum, a mounting excitement surrounding progression and innovation. It is coming from the collection of young professionals investing in this community; choosing not to leave their roots and follow the flash of Toronto, or Vancouver, but rather, to cultivate the potential they see where they are right now, to invest their time, energy, and money in the communities of Hamilton and Burlington.

This city was once a booming metropolis, full of growth, prosperity, and modernism. It was Hamilton in its unabashed infancy, where neighbourhoods hustled and bustled and the city thrived.

Over the years Hamilton has suffered some difficult times, and as a result, developed an unfortunate reputation as a rough city, being saddled with labels like, ‘poverty stricken,’ or ‘run down.’ It’s impossible for me to summarize the decades of history that has equated to this reputation, but what I can tell you is, it’s changing.

Young professionals are digging in their heels to make this city their own – to invest in it by working hard, forging relationships with one another to cultivate neighbourhoods to make the heart that is Hamilton shine once again.

The momentum is catching, and the reason is that the inspiration is everywhere; the city of Hamilton is brimming with potential. Look up at the buildings you pass downtown as you walk through the busy city streets, they are regal and begging for their dignity to be restored. There are parks, old coble stoned streets, store fronts that have seen the 1800’s, everywhere you look there is character – a reference to a greater time. The foundation of Hamilton is there, waiting for us to take it back.

The key is for us to work together. To look around our city and take note, appreciate its character, its legacy, its potential; to invest and support new business (of all kinds), to become involved in our neighbourhoods, to cultivate them, to work, shop and dine within them, and to help those in our neighbourhoods that are in-need so that together, united, we can bring this city back to where it once was.

You can actively bring change to your community by committing to the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton. Donate your time or money and create the change you wish to see in your community.