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Seeing is Believing Tours


Embark on a life-changing journey with us.  See firsthand the impact your donation has made or can make to help create change in our community.  This is your opportunity to discover how United Way Burlington & Greater Hamilton, along with its partners, is making our communities stronger, healthier and safer for everyone.  Meet the frontline workers and hear directly from the recipients of our various programs and services.

If you are not a current donor to United Way, let us show you how we are turning lives around and working with our agencies to achieve lasting, positive change.

We will customize your tour to your specific interests and passions and provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of how your donations are impacting and improving the lives of children, individuals, families and seniors in our cities.

Be prepared to be inspired.

Interested in a tour, contact us at 905-527-4543 or 905-635-3138