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Privacy Policy


To protect donor privacy and maintain confidentiality of their personal information.


In order to protect the privacy rights of its donors, volunteers, staff, and agencies who receive United Way funds, the United Way will take every reasonable step to ensure the confidentiality of information is maintained.

Personal information provided to the United Way shall be used for administrative purposes only. United Way will not provide or share personal information with third parties unless:

Written authorization is provided to share the information; Sharing the information is necessary to process a donation, for example, to process a credit card transaction; or the release of such information is otherwise required by law.


The United Way shall not sell, exchange, or trade personal information or lists. Donor information shall not be published in recognition material without prior written consent. Individuals who wish to review information which is maintained in their active files may make a written request for this purpose directly to the following individual:

Privacy Officer
United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
177 Rebecca Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1B9
Telephone: 905.527.4543
Fax: 905.527.5152