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Speaker’s Bureau consists of a group of individuals that act as ambassadors for the United Way. The group is made up of employees and volunteers from United Way funded agencies within Burlington and Greater Hamilton. Members attend meetings to give a brief presentation about their agency and how their programs (thus, United Way funding) make a difference in the lives of their clients. Through sharing positive stories, members have the opportunity to hone their presentation skills in a facilitated and supportive setting.

Following the Speaker’s Bureau sessions, members then venture into the community, attending workplace campaigns as guest speakers. As United Way ambassadors, they share the impact United Way funding has had, and continues to have on their agency, and thus the community as a whole. The stories they share are invaluable in helping current and potential donors understand how they can tangibly create change in lives of those in-need by donating to the United Way. 

On August 22, United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton hosted the first of many Speaker’s Bureau Orientation sessions, and what a success it was! Both Burlington and Hamilton sessions were well attended with representatives from many United Way funded agencies. Members shared their agencies stories and their expertise around building a concise, genuine and engaging presentation.

We thank all of our Speaker’s Bureau members for their participation and outstanding support.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Speakers Bureau, please contact Miriam Gracey at 905-527-4576 ext. 228