7 Ideas For Events To Raise Funds For Your Charity

Jeanne Douffet

Two main concerns punctuate the lives of association representatives: finding volunteers on the one hand, and funds to support their projects on the other. 

Grant applications, donation campaigns, sponsorship, social impact contract, sale of goodies, etc. There are many ways to fund your association. Today, we approach fundraising through event organization. 

Once your goals and needs have been defined by asking the right questions, here are the possibilities:

  1. A concert or a show
  2. A conference-debate on your cause
  3. A sporting event
  4. A fair or raffle
  5. A charity gala and an auction
  6. Solidarity sales and flea markets
  7. Training and workshops

Also find a short summary of the important points at the end of the article. In short, if you run out of ideas, don’t panic! The ones we offer in this article will surely inspire you! 

Ask yourself the right questions

To launch a fundraising event for your association, certain points need to be clarified before you can tackle this organization.

Here are the main questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is your target, the people you want to attract to this event? How many people do you want to have during the event?
  • What are your financial and human resources available for this event?
  • What other items will you need and already have at your disposal? (a venue, equipment for a concert, artist-sponsors that you can solicit, etc.)

The more you are clear about your goals and the means to achieve them, the more meaningful your event will be and will be able to achieve its goals.

After you’ve asked yourself the right questions, you can get started!

A concert or show to raise money for your association

Are you part of a cultural association or a leisure association? This type of event is for you! 

Play, dance, circus, gym, improv, singing concert, group or solo: as long as your association has a creative or artistic dimension, there is no shortage of opportunities for performances. You can even mix some ideas to make the show even crazier!  


But beware, some difficulties of setting up will be facing you. In terms of logistics, for example, you will have to find a place to host the service.

The main condition for the success of this event is of course the fact that performers are present and available. It is usually the members of your association who do this and who train throughout the year – such a performance requires a few repetitions. 

These performers are usually your best communicators. Rest on the mobilization of their loved ones: they will certainly be delighted to come and see the artistic prowess of their children or friends!

To raise money, use an online ticketing system for your performance. In addition to the financial aspect and securing your cash flow, this will allow you to track sales in just a few clicks, and automate the sending of e-tickets. 

The little extra: offer “Early birds” rates. This involves offering preferential rates to interested first participants. This usually brings in more people and allows you to have enough recipes ahead of the event.

A conference-debate on the cause of your association

Organizing a conference-debate can be an opportunity to talk about an association project, a cause, and therefore to appeal for donations.

But it is also an opportunity to position your association as an expert on the subject in question. You will therefore be all the more legitimate to talk about it and able to provide solutions. 

If the public is touched by the cause and you prove your legitimacy, it will be much easier to receive donations. In this case, you should provide the possibility of doing it on-site, live, or make accessible a link to an online donation campaign. You can offer to make a donation via a registration box office set up beforehand, and you can share the link on D-Day. 

A little extra: Ask one or more of your members to collect donations on the spot on the day of this conference!

This type of event can be organized a little wherever you want: in your own premises, in a party room, a media library, etc. 

In addition to the venue, the success of this event lies in the quality of the speaker. A high-flying worker (e.g., an expert, a personality) attracts a generally large audience. You will therefore have to plan which person you will bring in according to the audience you are targeting: students, retirees, doctors, parents, etc. and depending on the topic of this conference.

A sporting event to develop the resources of your association

Friendly sporting gatherings are always welcomed by potential participants. 

These events allow you to share a friendly moment, have fun and discover the organising association.

Providing a reward for the big winners can also be an additional source of motivation and therefore bring in more people. So that’s a point that should not be overlooked. 

The more this day grows, the more you will have the opportunity to look for a sponsor, local or not, to support the communication and outreach of this event.

You can make your participants a way to raise money: generate an online prize pool to help them raise funds and then participate in the event you are organizing. 

A fair or raffle to finance your associative projects

The fairs and raffles are good ways to raise money and then organize association outings, set up a bigger event afterwards or finance other projects.

The main motivation of the participants is the potential gain they can gain from it. 

So it’s up to you whether you want to win a jackpot or several small ones.

To find the prizes, turn to the merchants in your city: they will probably be able to sponsor the gifts if, in return, you are talking about them on D-Day.

You can also ask from teachers, families, suppliers, your city council, banks, etc. Allow plenty of time to find the lots that will make a splash!


As a result, it will be necessary to have enough volunteers to search for prizes, but also for the day of the event itself: it is impossible to organize a fair or a raffle without having enough volunteers to hold the stands and animate the games.

If a raffle is relatively unfalsy of volunteers for the animation on D-Day, a fair is certainly more so, especially for the holding of the stands.

A charity gala and an auction for the cause of your association 

Charity galas and auctions reach major donors. 

Their organization requires a large cash fund, as many costs are to be advanced (processor, rental of the place, artists to pace the evening, decoration, etc.).

Such an event does not lend itself to associations that are just beginning. 

Generally, charities and medical-social organizations are most likely to organize these events, especially when they have public figures as supporters.

Solidarity sales and flea markets for the associations that are just starting out

For small associations that are just starting out and need to raise funds, it is also possible to organize a sale.

The organization is simple, the necessary funds almost non-existent and the need for volunteers relatively low. What more could you ask for?

For example, a solidarity flea market on the premises of your association can be a good idea. 

Use your personal and professional circle of acquaintances to stock your stock and have material to sell on D-Day! 

Brocante, empty-dressing, sale of board games, books, etc. It’s up to you to find all kinds of things that, instead of falling into oblivion, could have a second life and make them happy.

The icing on the cake, accompany your flea market with a cake sale? This can be a good way for you to increase the amount collected.

For this type of meeting, plan a cash register: everything is usually paid in cash on site.

Training and workshops to raise funds

Why don’t you organize a workshop with a professional dancer to learn modern jazz dance for example? This can be a nice idea to raise money for your association. 

As with conferences, the choice of speaker is a factor of success. To make participants want to come back for a training or workshop the next time, find the person who will best match the teaching you want to bring and their reputation in the environment in question. 

This type of event is particularly suitable for cultural, leisure, professional and educational associations. All you have to do is adapt the content of the training or workshop to your sector.

The good news is that most of the time, there is no room problem to rent, you can arrange this in your own premises!

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