Why Do Charities Need Accountants?

Darrell Ross

Though charities are not for profit-making, like every other organization, there must be responsible financial management.

They need to account for funds received from sponsors and donors accurately. As such, the need for an accountant, like accountant Cincinnati, in a charitable organization is inevitable.

One way to accurately optimize your charity organization’s finance is to employ the service of an accountant. An accountant can also advise on how to improve operating performance. The roles of an accountant in charities is not a small one.

It is important to note that financial reports in a profit organization are quite different from charity reports. As a result of this, there is a slight difference in the roles of accountants in charities.

The activity of an accountant in charities makes them more accountable and trustworthy. It also helps reduce errors that may occur due to a lack of professionalism.

What Are The Roles Of Accountants In Charities?

Roles Of Accountants In Charities

The role of an accountant in every organization is non-negotiable. Any organization that strives for accountability and transparency must have an accountant. Charities and other non-profit organizations need to be accountable to their sponsors and financiers.

A professional accountant does reports like tax reports, financial audits, and some other financial reports. An accountant can also do budgeting, which is a core part of organizational activity.

The following are the roles of accountant in charities;

  • Professional Financial Report

Aside from the regular financial report that anybody can carry out, there is a need to have an accountant, which can help create a detailed financial account.

It does not only help the organization in making informed decisions. It can also help to give accurate information about the financial state of the organization.

It is in the capacity of a professional accountant to provide in-depth financial statements. An accountant can only do financial information, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

The availability of these financial reports can help guide the management of charities in making rational decisions. An accurate financial projection will aid in strategic planning and quick decision making.

  • Creating Periodic Financial Budgeting

As a charity organization, periodic budgets can help you make a rational decision concerning your expenses. Also, a financial account can help preserve the financial health of your organization.

A charity organization without a financial budget might end up having difficulties meeting its goals. As a result of all these, it is crystal clear that you need an accountant in your charity organization.

An accountant has to analyze both the income and expenditure of the organization critically. Furthermore, the accountant compares the budget with activities at the end of a particular period. With this, it can be deduced if the organization was able to achieve its goal and aim.

  • Making Of Financial Auditing

Even though charities are non-profit organizations, there is still a need for accountability in all of their dealings. They must be accountable to the government, sponsors, and even the general public. It determines the accountability and transparency of the organization.

Having audited financial reports makes the stakeholders more committed to the organization. A financial audit by a professional accountant can help prove the integrity of the organization.

In this case, having an accountant in your charity is advantageous. It saves you the additional cost of employing an auditing firm for the auditing process.

  • Overseeing The Tax Obligation And Reports

Charity organizations meeting up with their tax obligation and report is the duty of their accountant. This aspect of accounting service is of paramount importance in charities.

However, it depends on the complexity of the charity as a result of its registration. So, it depends on whether the organization is a registered charity or an incorporated one.

Likewise, your organization has employed staff working for them.  There is a need to remit employee income tax deduction accordingly dully.

Therefore, it requires the effort of a professional accountant to write the tax report accurately. Else, you will need to employ the service of an accounting firm.


Charitable organizations, like every other profit-making organization, need the service of an accountant. Making an informed and rational decision as an organization requires the assistance of an accountant.

The service of an accountant in charities is an essential role. The roles an accountant plays in charities enhance the informed decision of the management.

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